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Equipment Purchases

2021 - 2022

The 2021 Festival of Trees will support the purchase of a Biliblanket that allows newborns at BUH to be wrapped and held during treatment for jaundice.  This is a replacement blanket for one that is no longer usable and the new purchase will ensure two are avaialble to meet the needs.  Funds will also help purchase new technology in a Bilirubin Jaundice Meter that eliminates the need for heel pricks in newborns, as well as waiting for lab results.  The meter can quickly and efficiently monitor bilirubin levels and potential for jaundice, similar to using a thermometer.  This type of equipment is currently not available at BUH and will be gratefully received.  Every year there are approx. 500 babies born at BUH.

2020 - 2021

Funds raised from the 2020 Festival of Trees will support the capital campaign for BUH Foundation, “Diagnostic Detectives: Solving your Health Mysteries.”  This campaign will raise funds for new equipment and technology for the lab at BUH.  Lab tests and their corresponding results are an integral part of diagnosing patients and providing the proper course of treatment.  The dedicated lab team works behind the scenes to provide results quickly and efficiently to help provide the best care possible.  The new equipment will capitalize on the knowledge and skills of the lab team and ensure they have the best to provide the best. 


Proceeds from the 2019 Festival of Trees will help support the purchase of a new ventilator for Respiratory Therapy.  This ventilator will be used through-out BUH and will allow for safe and effective ventilation of patients, from premature babies to adults.  It will provide the latest technology for use during transport of those who cannot breathe adequately on their own.  The previous ventilator did not have the capability of being used on anyone under 10kgs.  This meant that newborn babies and very young children were breathed for by hand.


Proceeds from the 2018 Festival of Trees will support the purchase of a new mammography unit for the Medical Imaging department at BUH to help detect breast cancer early.  This is part of "We Want to...Catch It! Stop It! Treat It!" capital campaign to raise over $500,000 for this purchase.  Mammography is a specific type of breast imaging that uses low dose radiation to detect cancer early, before men and women experience symptoms, and when it is most treatable.  Every year there are 2,000 mammograms completed in Medical Imaging, as well as diagnostic exams when a concern presents itself.  The current mammography unit is over 10 years old and needs to be replaced.  Thank you for attending and supporting Festival of Trees to help make this purchase possible. 


The 2017 Festival of Trees purchased a transonic access monitor for the Dialysis Unit at BUH.  The Dialysis Unit is open for treatment from Monday to Saturday and will accommodate over 100 patients a week.  Many of these patients come from northern communities and many have treatments three times a week.  Treatments can last four hours.  The new transonic access monitor will measure access flow, delivered blood flow, recirculation and cardiac function for a comprehensive view of the patient's health.  This helps detect narrowing of the access point to reduce patient hospital stays and unncessary invasive procedures.


2016-2017Palliative Care Ceiling Lifts

The 2016 Festival of Trees supported the purchase of ceiling lifts for the palliative care rooms on Third Floor at BUH. There are four designated palliative care rooms at BUH but typically more than four patients who are receiving palliative care. Palliative care is about providing improved quality of life and increased survival, for patients and their families, as well as end-of-life care when needed. The addition of the ceiling lifts in the palliative care rooms will allow for safe and comfortable transfer of patients and ensure an efficient and safe working environment for the caregiver.

Remaining funds available helped to purchase a new MedDispense Unit for Palliative Care/Third Floor.  A MedDispense unit dispenses medications to nurses efficiently, safely and effectively for patient care.


Pill PackagerProceeds from the 2015 Festival of Trees are designated to support the purchase of the automatic Pill Packager for the Pharmacy at BUH.  This piece of equipment impacts many people as the pharmacy fills medication orders for BUH as well as other facilities within the community.  It will replace the current unit that is obsolete, requires constant attention and manual loading and filling of medication packages.  The new Automatic Pill Packager is a technologically up-to-date unit that has built in safety features, requires less staff time to manually load and fill medication orders, and is not at risk of breaking down. The new unit will also be compatible with the MedDispense units already purchased within BUH.  


Funds from the 2014 Festival of Trees purchased a Level 1 Fast Fluid Warmer, a REVCO High Performance Lab Fridge and stretchers, all for the Emergency Department,  A Level 1 Fast Fluid Warmer allows rapid infusion of blood and IV fluids to patients who experience significant blood loss due to trauma or major surgery.  It is important to keep fluids at the proper temperature to avoid delays in recovery or infection from setting in.  The REVCO High Performance Lab Fridge helps to maintain the usefulness of the sensitive medications and immunizations stored there and replaces the traditional home refrigerator that was in place.  The stretchers purchased helped to complete a full upgrade of stretchers for the Emergency Department.  They are more comfortable for patients than the previous units and allow for easy access, mobility, and care of patients by healthcare providers.

Level 1 Fast Fluid Warmer                  Fridge for ER                   Stretcher for ER

 2013 - 2014

All fundraising from the 2013 - 2014 special events is going towards the purchase of a new Digital Fluoroscopy UnitFluoroscopy Unit for Medical Imaging.  The Fluoroscopy Unit allows for real time imaging of a patient and helps to provide accurate diagnosis and possible life-saving interventions for you and your family and friends.  It is a much anticipated purchase as the current unit is down and replacement parts cannot be obtained.  We look forward to being a part of this purchase and keeping healthcare close to home. 

 2012 - 2013

Lifepak 15 DefibrillatorNew equipment for the Emergency Room and Laboratory will be purchased with funds raised from the 2012 Festival of Trees.  The ER will receive a new Lifepak 15 Defibrillator, a unit to help restore the heart's regular rhythms, while the Laboratory will receive a new ECG machine, a unit used to measure the rate and regularity of heartbeats and aid in diagnostic procedures.  Thank you for helping to purchase these life saving pieces of medical equipment.

2011 - 2012Chemotherapy Department with new IV Pump

Your support of the 2011 Festival of Trees will benefit Ambulatory Care & ER, Chemotherapy, Obstetrics, and Surgery, as new IV Pumps and Vital Signs Monitors are purchased to enrich patient care.  IV Pumps administer the necessary medications or nutrients into a patient's system and can be set for as little and as often as required.  Vital Signs Monitors provide accurate blood pressure, temperature, oxygen, and pulse rate.  Both are essential pieces of equipment for patient care.

2010 - 2011

Proceeds from the 2010 Festival of Trees have been re-allocated to help purchase a specialized Monitoring System and five Vital Signs Monitors for Women's Health & Birthing Centre.  With over 500 babies born in a year, this equipment will assist in enriched patient care as the Monitoring System supports comprehensive care for both mother and baby, potentially from the beginning of pregnancy to after the birth of the baby.  The Vital Signs Monitors are necessary pieces of equipment as they provide medical staff with timely, accurate readings of patient blood pressure, pulse rates, and temperature, all important for the proper care of a patient.



2009 - 2010

Proceeds from the 2009 Festival of Trees have been re-allocated to purchase equipment for the OR & Surgical departments.  This equipment includes a Monitoring System, Defibrillator, and Tourniquet System for the OR, and Emergency Crash Cart (also benefits pediatrics) and IV Pump for Surgical.  These are necessary pieces of equipment and help ensure the safety and health of patients and can help provide life support protocols to save someone's life.



2008 - 2009

Proceeds from the 2008 Festival of Trees will be used to purchase medical equipment for the Lab at Platelet IncubatorBUH. Some of the items support the operation of the Cobas 6000 blood analyzer purchased in 2007 and all ensure that the Lab at BUH is equipped with modern, technologically advanced equipment to provide exceptional diagnosis and treatment our families expect. Specific items purchased include a Thermo Centrifuge, Plasma Thawer, Platelet Incubator, Mobile Instrument Table, Temperature Surveillance Panel, Blood Bank Fridge, and Fetal Fibronectin System.


"The new equipment purchases have been greatly appreciated by the staff, as they have allowed us to maintain optimal testing conditions and allow us to be even more efficient, which in turn provides better patient care to the people of our community. Thank you for your contributions."
~ Pamela Nyholt, Laboratory Supervisor 

Fetal Fibronectin System            Plasma Thawer            Centrifuge

2007 - 2008

Proceeds from the 2007 Festival of Trees will be used to purchase medical equipment for 3rd North at BUH. Items include a compact suction unit, low air loss mattress system, a wound vacuum system and a vital signs monitor with stand.

2006 - 2007

Proceeds from this year's Festival of Trees will be allocated to the Breast Health Fund which will assist in purchasing new mammography equipment for BUH.

Mammography Workstation             Mammography Storage Cart            Mammography Tube

2005 - 2006

Day Surgery Operating Table
Warmette Blanket Warmer
Vital Signs Monitor


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