Monthly Giving Club

The Monthly Giving Club, A Brighter Tomorrow, is your opportunity to join a caring group of people committed to enriching healthcare throughtout the year at BUH and Battlefords Region Home Care.  As always, your support will help to purchase new equipment to replace out-dated or worn pieces, as well as brand new, state-of-the-art equipment that puts BUH and Battlefords Region Home Care at the forefront of technology and enriched patient care.  It will also provide funding for continued staff education, ensuring that our healthcare providers are up to date and have access to the latest information available to offer the safest and best possible care, experience, and health for you and your loved ones.

By becoming a Club Member, BUH Foundation knows there is support throughout the year to help fulfill the requests for the required equipment and education.



Recognition as Club Members in BUH Foundation's newsletter and on the website

Personal invitations to BUH Foundation events

Updates on latest happenings and equipment purchases

Year end charitable tax receipt

Annual "Members Only" private reception / tour with BUH & BUH Foundation personnel to celebrate the difference your donations make 


How to Join

Decide on how much you'd like to give each month

Fill out the form on the Monthly Giving brochure or stop in at the BUH Foundation office
View Monthly Giving Brochure Here

The amount you choose will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account or credit card each month

Who belongs

Thank you to all our Monthly Giving Club members.  Your support goes a long way as we enrich patient care in our community.

Don & Sandra Backus                     Bill Hanson & Kate McHarg           Bryan & Brenda Sparrow
Bruce Chadwick                              Celine Matchee                              Val Wasmuth
Juliette Gervais                               Norma Byers                                  Jerry Wintonyk
Adele Feschuk                                 Linda Nelson                                 Debbie Wohlberg
Jo-Ann Ganzert                               Dan & Carol O'Hanlon                   Pat Zaychkowsky
Pat Gotto                                         Jane Shury                                    Michael Zaychkowsky
S. Joyce Glass                                Elizabeth Weston                          Mirko & Bozana Scepanovic
John-Etienne Myburgh

*please note: some donors have chosen not to be listed.

"Having the power to improve the lives of others is, to many people, a privilege, and one that comes with its own sense of obligation.  Being a member of BUH Foundation’s Monthly Giving Club has helped me to fulfill that obligation."
                                                                                        ~ Pat Zaychkowsky, Monthly Giving Club Member


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