What is Leave a Legacy?

Leave a Legacy, or Planned Giving, is the process of designing your charitable gifts in a manner that will permit you, the donor, to realize your charitable aims, while maximizing tax and other financial benefits.

The state of your finances and other factors will be determinants as to how and when you wish to contribute. You will want to consider the implications of your plans on your tax situation, and on its impact on the taxes owed by your estate, as well as the impact on your beneficiaries.

We strongly urge that you consult your tax and/or investment advisor, as well as your lawyer when deciding on a plan for giving. Individual circumstances vary, and the information we are providing is general in nature, and should be tailored to your circumstances by your personal advisors.

Planned giving most generally involves the gifting of:

Gift planning is making strategic decisions about your charitable contributions
before you actually make them.

If you choose to Leave a Legacy through your estate, please let us know so we may thank you now.

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