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Help Grow A Tree

September 1st 2010

North Battleford, SK - Shoppers Drug Mart, North Battleford is excited to once again be holding their annual Tree of Life Campaign to raise support for women's health.  They will be a part of the 1,180 Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada helping to make a difference in women's lives.  The Tree of Life Campaign began in 2002 and has raised over $12.7million.  These funds have gone to women's health organizations and charities in communities across the country as they believe if Canadian women are healthy and well, Canada will be healthy and well. 

The campaign began on Saturday, September 18th, and half way through the tree is full of leaves, butterflies, and cardinals, all going to make a difference for women's health.   The campaign in North Battleford is extra special for the employees of Shoppers Drug Mart as all funds raised will be donated in memory of Barb Leslie.  Barb was a long-time employee at Shoppers and when the campaign began the staff jumped on board knowing it was a special way to honour their friend.  All funds raised will be donated to Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation and go towards enhancing patient care in the Mammography Unit.


The BUH Mammography unit completes an average of 2,500 mammograms in a year, helping to prevent breast cancer through early detection.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women and it is expected 1 in 9 will develop it during their lifetime.  However, early detection through regular breast screening can allow for more treatment options and save lives.  BUH Foundation is proud to be the Tree of Life recipient and join in the fundraising efforts. 


To take part in the Tree of Life Campaign and make a difference for women's health in your community stop by Shoppers Drug Mart and speak to a cashier.  You may purchase a "leaf" for a loonie, a "butterfly" for $5, or a "cardinal" for $50 and help grow the Tree of Life.  Shoppers Drug Mart will also be holding a BBQ at Frontier Mall on Saturday, Oct 9th, 11:00am - 3:00pm, to raise more funds in memory of Barb Leslie and in support of women's health.  The campaign ends Friday, October 15th, so don't miss out on your chance to make a difference in your community.

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