Media Release

New Equipment for Emergency Department at BUH

March 13th 2023

North Battleford, SK – Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation announces the completion of the 2022 capital campaign “Every Minute Matters” as it surpasses the fundraising goal to purchase new medical equipment for the Emergency Department (ED) at BUH. A total of $168,843 was raised to purchase two new LifePak 15 cardiac monitors/defibrillators, a bladder scanner, trauma imaging stretcher and LUCAS chest compression system for The Battlefords. “This was my first capital campaign with BUH Foundation as Executive Director and it is very exciting to have surpassed our campaign goal and helped to make these purchases possible for our community. Every dollar counts when raising funds and we are very grateful for The Battlefords and surrounding communities as they continue to answer the call and help support healthcare for their family, friends and neighbours,” shares Leanne Ducommun, BUH Foundation Executive Director. The LifePak 15 cardiac monitors/defibrillators and bladder scanner purchased were replacement units for previous equipment that had reached their end of life. The LifePak 15 cardiac monitors/defibrillators monitor patients’ vital signs and cardiac rhythms, indicating if there are signs of distress and provides life-saving intervention if required. The bladder scanner allows for a less invasive procedure for patients and increases comfort and efficiency of care. The trauma imaging stretcher and LUCAS chest compression system are new technology introduced to BUH. The trauma imaging stretcher reduces the need to have patients move from a stretcher and imaging table between the ED and Diagnostic Imaging units. The trauma imaging stretcher allows the digital detector plates for imaging to be placed within the stretcher, eliminating the need to physically transfer patients that are critically ill or unable to be moved. Arrival of the new trauma imaging stretcher is expected by the end of March. The LUCAS chest compression system is an exciting piece of equipment that provides CPR compressions at the exact depth, speed and time required. This technology has proven to have better outcomes for those patients who have experienced cardiac arrest. Training has been completed for ~150 nursing staff at BUH to use the LUCAS chest compression system. “Thank you to the community of North Battleford, and surrounding area of The Battlefords who donated to the “Every Minute Matters” capital campaign. Your contributions to the Foundation has ensured that the ED at BUH has the most up-to-date technology. This equipment is essential in the work we do each day and we hope it adds to your comfort and experience while in the ED,” expressed Lauren Stade, BUH Manager of Clinical Services (Emergency, Ambulatory Care, Intensive Care, Respiratory Therapy). Helping to surpass the original fundraising goal of $125,000 were generous donations made by individuals, services clubs and businesses throughout The Battlefords & surrounding communities. BATC Community Development Corporation is a long-time supporter of healthcare and a major contributor to “Every Minute Matters” capital campaign, contributing $50,000 through their grant program. Thank you to “Anonymous Donors” who contributed $20,000 through the Leave a Legacy program and to Meota Music Productions who held two “Love is in the Air” fundraising concerts in July and raised $17,155. Proceeds from the 7th Annual “On Air: for Healthcare” radio-thon held in May 2022 were directed towards “Every Minute Matters,” with special thank you to North Battleford Lions Club ($5,000) and River Valley Eye Care ($5,000) for their support. All proceeds from the 2022 spring Bike Auction supported the campaign as well. Surplus funds from “Every Minutes Matters” capital campaign will remain within the ED and support the newest capital campaign, “Medication Matters” in support of a new Pyxis MedStation, an automated medication-dispensing unit that helps improve the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of medication delivery to patients.
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