Media Release

BUH Foundation Launches Biggest Fundraising Campaign Yet

March 23rd 2023

Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation announces the launch of the newest capital campaign, “Medication Matters,” to raise funds for Pyxis MedStations to support every department in need at BUH. This is the largest capital campaign taken on by BUH Foundation to date, with a fundraising goal of $916,000. “We are excited to be a part of such a monumental campaign for BUH. It is a big undertaking, but we know we can make it happen with our donor support. It is the Foundation’s goal to support the care being provided at BUH and the Pyxis project will benefit the patients and support the healthcare professionals in all that they do. It is important for us to be a part of this project to help make it possible,” shared Leanne Ducommun, BUH Foundation Executive Director. Pyxis MedStations are automated medication-dispensing units that help improve the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of medication delivery to patients. Replacement dispensing units will be purchased for the Emergency Department, Medical & Surgical wards, and Palliative Care, as these former units are reaching their end of life. New units will be purchased for ICU, Ambulatory Care Clinic, Women’s Health & Birthing Centre, Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Operating Room/Surgery and Battlefords Mental Health Centre. These purchases will bring all departments who are in need of MedStations into alignment with the mission of Pharmacy Services to have optimal, safe and effective medication use for all patients. “Pyxis is all about improving the safety of medication delivery for our patients as well as using technology to release staff to spend more time at the bedside. We appreciate the Foundation’s support in this massive endeavor that will ultimately lead to improved patient care, which is at the core of everything we do,” explained Sarah Lynds, Manager Pharmacy Services. While replacing current medication-dispensing units in some departments, Pyxis MedStations will be new technology for many departments. The new technology will allow for improved safety and controlled access to medications, with built-in medication and timing alerts. Much of the manual picking of medication, inventory counts and refilling by nursing and pharmacy staff will be replaced with the Pyxis MedStations. Each MedStation will communicate with the Automated Packager in Pharmacy, notifying when medication counts are low and inventory needs to be replenished. Efficiencies will be gained as medication requests are submitted to Pharmacy and approved for delivery through Pyxis, reducing wait times between requests and administration to patients. Reduction of staff hours spent on medication inventory and delivery will allow for more time to be spent at the patients’ bedsides. BUH Foundation’s “Medication Matters” capital campaign is a two year initiative for BUH Foundation and will include donations from individuals, businesses, community organizations and the Foundation’s main special events during the years. Implementation of Pyxis MedStations for each department will be completed in two phases, projected to begin in 2024. Donors may contribute towards “Medication Matters” capital campaign at any time. Please call BUH Foundation, 306-446-6652 or go online to make a donation or learn more about the work of BUH Foundation.
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