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BUH Foundation Launches New Campaign for Emergency Department

April 26th 2022

(l-r) Lauren Stade, BUH Manager of Clinical Services (Emergency, Ambulatory Care, Intensive Care, Respiratory Therapy) & Leanne Ducommun, BUH Foundation Executive Director standing by the banner for the new capital campaign "Every Minute Matters" to raise funds for BUH Emergency Department.

North Battleford, SKBattlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation announces the launch of the latest capital campaign, “Every Minute Matters,” to raise funds to purchase new medical equipment for the Emergency Department (ED) at BUH.  The campaign will help to purchase five specific pieces of equipment to help provide safe and efficient care, comfort and life-saving interventions for patients when they need it most.  The campaign goal is $125,000.

“We are excited to help provide the Emergency Department at BUH with new medical equipment.  The ED team works very hard in caring for our community and we are pleased to support them.  Some of the equipment to be purchased is brand new technology for BUH.  We are grateful to all of our donors who will help make this advanced level of care available within The Battlefords,” shares Leanne Ducommun, BUH Foundation Executive Director.

“Every Minute Matters” capital campaign will be purchasing two new LifePak 15 monitors/defibrillators to replace units that have reached their end of life.  The LifePak 15 monitors/defibrillators monitor patients’ vital signs and cardiac rhythms, indicating if there are signs of distress and if life-saving intervention is required.  The campaign will see the replacement of the current bladder scanner that has also reached end of life.  This unit will continue to allow for a less invasive procedure for patients and increased comfort and efficiency of care.

New technology to be introduced to BUH includes a trauma imaging stretcher.  The trauma imaging stretcher reduces the need to have patients move from a stretcher and imaging table between the ED and Diagnostic Imaging units.  The trauma imaging stretcher allows the digital detector plates for imaging to be placed within the stretcher, eliminating the need to physically transfer patients that are critically ill or unable to be moved.  Additionally, the LUCAS chest compression system will be added to the ED.  The LUCAS chest compression system is an exciting new piece of equipment that provides CPR compressions at the exact depth, speed and time required to help provide the best outcomes for patients.  This new technology has many benefits for both staff and patients and will enrich the care provided within the ED.

“We are very grateful for the Foundation for helping to fund the equipment that is so important for the care given within the ED.  To hear of this campaign and see the support from the communities is wonderful.  Know that your donations do make a difference and help us provide the best care possible to our patients,” expresses Lauren Stade, BUH Manager of Clinical Services (Emergency, Ambulatory Care, Intensive Care, Respiratory Therapy).

The ED at BUH has ~25,000 visits every year, ranging from victims of trauma, patients suffering cardiac and respiratory distress, children who have broken bones, or any other type of emergency situation that may occur.

“Every Minute Matters” capital campaign follows on the successful completion of “Advanced O.R. Technology: Mending…Healing…Healthy” which saw the purchase of a total of three new anesthetic machines within the Operating Room (OR) at BUH.  This completed the update of all four theatres having new, technologically advanced units to care for patients and has increased the level of care provided within The Battlefords and northwest Saskatchewan.

Donors may contribute towards “Every Minute Matters” capital campaign at any time.  Momentum for the campaign will pick up during the 7th Annual “On Air: for Healthcare” radio-thon, taking place on Friday, May 13th, 6am – 6pm.  For further details or questions regarding “Every Minute Matters” or to learn more about the work of BUH Foundation, please contact 306-446-6652 or email



For more information, contact:

Leanne Ducommun

BUH Foundation Executive Director

Ph. 306-446-6652


About Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation:

Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation is dedicated to enriching patient care at BUH through responsible stewardship of community contributions and volunteer resources.  BUH Foundation, operating independently of other healthcare organizations, is the main fundraising agency of BUH and provides funding for the purchase of capital/non-capital equipment and staff education.  Through a bequest from Victor Pearsall in 2011, BUH Foundation began the Victor Pearsall Home Care Fund allowing funding for Battlefords Region Home Care.  For more information about BUH Foundation visit

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