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New Capital Campaign Fundraiser for BUH Foundation

May 5th 2021



North Battleford, SK – Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation announces the completion of another capital campaign as “Diagnostic Detectives: Solving your Health Mysteries” surpasses the fundraising goal for new equipment and technology for the lab at BUH.  This leads directly into the announcement of the next campaign, “Advanced O.R. Technology: Mending…Healing…Healthy” to raise funds for two new anesthetic machines for the O.R. at BUH.

“Once again we are extremely grateful for all of our donors and supporters who continue to see the importance of healthcare and of providing the best for our communities,” shares Claudette McGuire, BUH Foundation Executive Director. “While we celebrate the success of the capital campaign for new lab equipment, we know that healthcare doesn’t stop and we are already looking forward to raising funds for the operating room at BUH to ensure they have what they need to provide the best care possible.”

“Diagnostic Detectives: Solving your Health Mysteries” has over $385,000 available to purchase the new equipment and technology needed.  This includes a Digital Cellavision funded through BATC Community Development Corporation and funds raised through the 2020 $100,000 Cash Lottery and Festival of Trees and the 5th Annual “On Air: for Healthcare” Radio-thon.  The Cellavision allows for microscopic images to be sent digitally for review rather than through a physical courier, eliminating delays and providing real-time support for faster results and quicker turn-around time for patients.  Working with the Cellavision is the Hematology (CBC) Analyzer that provides sample results while improving and upgrading the current technology available.  The BD Max is an exciting piece of equipment as it can complete testing for COVID-19, it’s more automated and has higher processing volume than current testing units available at BUH.  Finally, the campaign will help to purchase three new fridges that will increase storage volume and allow for increased capacity of tests being provided to patients.

“Thank you to everyone who contributed to the capital campaign for new lab equipment.  I can assure you that every piece of equipment being purchased is important and will improve the level of service and care being provided to northwest Saskatchewan and its communities,” expressed Brandi Keller, Director of Lab Services, North, “thank you for all of the support and for making these purchases possible.”

The new capital campaign “Advanced O.R. Technology: Mending…Healing…Healthy” has already been receiving donations and will pick up momentum on Friday, May 14th, during the 6th Annual “On Air: for Healthcare” Radio-thon.  Funds raised from this campaign will replace two of the four anesthetic machines in the operating room (OR) at BUH.  The OR at BUH runs four theatres, each with their own anesthetic machine.  An anesthetic machine safely monitors, ventilates and oxygenates patients during their surgical procedures.  This ensures a drug-induced, reversible state of unconsciousness, loss of memory, pain relief and relaxation of muscles for patients.  Surgeons are then able to complete the surgical procedures in a safe and timely manner for best patient care.

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Surgical services provided at BUH include general surgery, gynecology, endoscopy and ophthalmology, with visiting specialists providing orthopedic, ears nose & throat, plastics and dental.  Approximately 3,000 surgical procedures are completed each year.  The new anesthetic machines will replace units that are 15 years old and will help to provide the best care possible by updating equipment with the latest technology and services available.

Donors may contribute towards “Advanced O.R. Technology: Mending…Healing…Healthy” at any time throughout the campaign.  For further details or questions regarding “Advanced O.R. Technology: Mending…Healing…Healthy” or to learn more about the work of BUH Foundation, please contact 306-446-6652 or email


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