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Foundation Celebrates Successful Year & Welcomes New Board Chairperson

July 4th 2019

North Battleford, SKBattlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation held their 2018 / 2019 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 at BUH.  It was a celebrated event as the Board of Directors and guests reviewed another successful year at BUH Foundation and welcomed new members and a new Executive Committee for the 2019 / 2020 fiscal year.

“We are really pleased with how our 2018 / 2019 fiscal year shaped up.  We are humbled and grateful as to the success of the five major fundraising events held every year.  The organizations, businesses and individuals in The Battlefords and surrounding communities are always faithful to support us, recognizing the importance of enriched healthcare to their community.  We thank them for this,” shared out-going Board of Directors Chairperson, Jay Crockett.

Highlights during the evening were the over $900,000 in net revenue received in 2018 / 2019 compared to just under $700,000 in the previous year.  This revenue increase is attributed to the successful capital campaigns “We Don’t Want to Miss a Beat” which saw the installation of a new Cardiac Telemetry System to monitor heart conditions anywhere within BUH, and “We Want to…Catch It! Stop It! Treat It!” campaign to purchase a new mammography unit for Medical Imaging to detect breast cancer early. The new, up-to-date Cardiac Telemetry System, the first like it in Saskatchewan, was installed in January.  The new mammography unit is expected to be in place in 2020.

BUH Foundation also saw success with their “Leave a Legacy” program.  This program provides an opportunity to acknowledge a future bequest to be made to BUH Foundation and to celebrate the contribution today.  In the 2018 / 2019 fiscal year there were five new bequests made to BUH Foundation.  The Board of Directors and staff are honoured to receive these bequests and grateful for the lasting impact these individuals have made on local healthcare.

BUH Foundation operates within the new Saskatchewan Health Authority.  BUH Foundation has now gone through their first full year under this arrangement and is proud of the support they provide.  Every dollar raised by BUH Foundation stays in the community and continues to enrich patient care in our local area.

“It is an honour to be a part of BUH Foundation and work with many amazing, kind and giving individuals.  I am looking forward to another successful year, both in terms of fundraising plus growing and expanding ongoing projects and programs,” expressed Claudette McGuire, BUH Foundation Executive Director.

As the meeting concluded, introductions were made of the new Board of Director members and announcement of the new 2019 / 2020 Executive Committee.  Jay Crockett, 2018 / 2019 Chairperson completed his maximum three, two-year terms and had to step down as a member at this time.  New Board of Directors, Ms. Roni Zakresky, Ms. JoAnne Iverson and Dr. James Lawrence were welcomed to their first two-year terms.  The new Executive Committee of Chairperson, Sue Pruden-McIvor; Vice-Chairperson, Tim Sletten; Treasurer, Al White; and Secretary, Tracy Voigt were announced.

“I look forward to the challenge of serving as BUH Foundation Board of Directors Chairperson.  Healthcare is important to me and my family within The Battlefords.  I am honoured to take on this role and look forward to serving our community to the best of my ability as we strive to provide enriched patient care for everyone,” shared Sue Pruden-McIvor, new BUH Foundation Board of Directors Chairperson.

Board of Directors, staff and volunteers of BUH Foundation are already working towards the success of the 2019 / 2020 fiscal year.  The 4th Annual “On Air: for Healthcare” Radio-thon was held in May, the Wayne Pruden Memorial Golf Tournament was held in June and the $100,000 Cash Lottery is being planned for August.  For further information on BUH Foundation annual fundraisers or programming please contact the Foundation office at 306-446-6652.  The full 2018 / 2019 Annual Reports are available at the Foundation office for those interested.



For more information, contact:

Claudette McGuire

BUH Foundation Executive Director

Ph. 306-446-6652


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