Media Release

What is We Don't Want to Miss a Beat

January 26th 2018

"We Don't Want to Miss a Beat" campaign is the new 2018 capital campaign and is raising funds for a new Cardiac Monitoring System (CMS) at Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH).

"We Don't Want to Miss a Beat" campaign will replace and upgrade the current system that monitors patients wearing telemetry packs to diagnosis heart conditions.  Telemetry packs allow patients to be anywhere in BUH and still have their ECG, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels continuously monitored by an ER or ICU nurse or physician.  Being mobile allows for transfers between departments for further tests and can help with the diagnosis of a patient’s condition.  Being continuously monitored helps to provide an immediate response for any cardiac or respiratory symptom abnormalities. 

Data from the telemetry packs is transferred via “access control points” located throughout BUH to the central monitoring locations in either ER or ICU.  These “access control points” are important for continual monitoring of patients and currently not all of the “access control points” are functioning.  "We Don't Want to Miss a Beat" campaign will upgrade all “access control points” and increase their ranges, as well as upgrade the system’s out of date software and upgrade and increase the number of telemetry packs available.  The demand for telemetry monitoring has increased in recent years and the number of packs at BUH will increase from eight to twelve.

The fundraising goal for "We Don't Want to Miss a Beat" is $216,000.  Thank you for supporting this campaign and helping not to miss a beat.

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