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BUH Foundation Begins 2017 Capital Campaign

March 21st 2017

“We are pleased to announce that Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation is embarking on our 2017 capital campaign “Every Little Bit Counts: every little aching ear, tender nose and sore throat” to raise $380,000 to support the purchase of new Ears Nose and Throat (ENT) surgical equipment” states Claudette McGuire, Executive Director, BUH Foundation. 

In September, 2016 Prairie North Health Region approached the Foundation with an invitation to consider a possible capital campaign.  The health region had just been successful in recruiting Dr Abraham Awobem, a specialist ENT surgeon for BUH’s Operating Room (OR), filling a two year vacancy. The challenge was that the current ENT surgical equipment was over 40 years old and new equipment was required. This included a microscope, nerve monitor, drill system, scopes, and various other surgical instruments.   

ENT surgeries are performed through the use of the microscope and the new unit allows for comfortable, adjustable positioning for the surgeon with fingertip controls of focus, zoom and positioning.  The image quality is extraordinary and it illuminates the finest details for maximum visibility and care.  In conjunction with a viewing monitor, the images are projected for the OR team to see and anticipate the needs of the surgeon.  This allows the surgeon to remain focused on the patient and to complete the surgical procedure safely and efficiently.

 “It is an exciting venture and we are honoured to be a part of it.  The Foundation is dedicated to enriching patient care at BUH through the responsible stewardship of community contributions and volunteer resources and we are looking forward to the challenge of raising the $380,000 needed in support of this equipment purchase for ENT surgery at BUH” noted Michael Zaychkowsky, BUH Foundation’s Board of Directors Chair.

The field of ENT is a diagnostic and preventative field.  ENT specialists can treat everyone, from children to adults, male and female.  They diagnose and treat conditions of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck.  The most common procedure is removal of tonsils and adenoids, typically in children.  However, ENT specialists also treat damaged or injured ear drums or middle ear problems, ear infections, tubes in the ears, removal of adenoids, issues with voice boxes or objects in the throat.  They can address adult hearing loss, swallowing disorders or thyroid disorders.  They may see patients with constant hoarse or sore throats, which can lead to the discovery of a more serious problem that requires treatment, including early stages of cancer.

BUH Foundation has started receiving donations to the “Every Little Bit Counts” campaign and are actively seeking support which will include the upcoming On Air for Healthcare Radiothon on Friday, May 12th.  BUH Foundation has partnered with CJNB/Q98/93.3 The Rock/BattlefordsNOW once again and all three local radio stations will be broadcasting from the main lobby at BUH for 12 hours that day.

“CJNB/Q98/93.3 The Rock are proud to be part of ensuring continued exceptional patient care at BUH for The Battlefords and surrounding communities residents and we are pleased to be able to support local healthcare through the On Air for Healthcare Radiothon” added Karl Johnston, General Manager, The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Saskatchewan.

If you would like details on how to support the “Every Little Bit Counts” capital campaign or how you can be part of the On Air for Healthcare Radiothon please contact BUH Foundation Office at 306 446 6652.


For more information please contact:

Claudette McGuire, Executive Director

BUH Foundation Inc

306 446 6652


About Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation:

Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation is dedicated to enriching patient care at BUH through responsible stewardship of community contributions and volunteer resources.  BUH Foundation, operating independently of other healthcare organizations, is the main fundraising agency of BUH and provides funding for the purchase of capital/non-capital equipment and staff education.  Through a bequest from Victor Pearsall in 2011, BUH Foundation began the Victor Pearsall Home Care Fund allowing funding for Battlefords Region Home Care.  For more information about BUH Foundation visit


About the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group:

The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group is one of Canada’s premier radio and television companies. The Group combines over 90 years of broadcasting expertise and proudly serves the needs of listeners, viewers, advertisers and communities throughout the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Their mission statement, “Working together, we’re stronger than ever” is the base of what the Broadcast Group stands for and their success in the past and future achievements.  Locally, radio stations CJNB/Q98/93.3 The Rock and BattlefordsNOW are deeply invested in The Battlefords and surrounding communities they broadcast into as evidenced through their support to community initiatives and airtime to charities. 

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