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BUH Foundation Announces New Capital Campaign

October 6th 2015

North Battleford, SK – Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation is excited to announce that a new capital campaign has been launched today to initiate the fundraising process for a new CT Scanner for BUH’s Medical Imaging Department. 


“BUH Foundation is continually sourcing where their fundraising efforts would have the most impact.  It is recognized within BUH that the CT Scanner will need replacement in the near future.  I am pleased that BUH Foundation’s Board of Directors is being proactive in this matter and have committed fundraising efforts towards procuring a new CT Scanner for our hospital,” stated David Fan, CEO of Prairie North Health Region (PNHR).


Cheryl Mitchell, Director, Medical Imaging Services, PNHR added, “The current CT Scanner is over ten years old and requires frequent repairs.  This means during service/repair events, CT is not available within The Battlefords or patients are rescheduled.  Our focus is always on the patient first and we don’t want to send those who are quite health compromised further from home or cause any undue stress or increased wait times.  I am grateful that the Foundation is taking a leading role in raising funds for a new unit.”


Computed tomography, more commonly known as a CT scan is a way of using x-rays to take pictures or images, in very fine slices, often less than one millimetre thick, through the part of the body that the doctor has asked to be investigated, like slices in a loaf of bread. These fine slices allow for greater detail, particularly of soft tissues (pancreas, kidneys, heart etc) and blood vessels.  With this new technology the radiologist can more easily and quickly diagnose health problems such as strokes, cancer, infectious diseases, trauma from motor vehicle accidents and much more.  The new scanners have a much lower radiation dose with improved visualization of structures.


BUH Foundation Board of Director Chair Roger Anderson explained, “It is an exciting venture and we are honoured to be a part of it.  The Foundation is dedicated to enriching patient care at BUH through the responsible stewardship of community contributions and volunteer resources and we are looking forward to the challenge.  BUH Foundation was involved with the purchase of the original CT scanner in 2005 and we are proud to be part of ensuring continued exceptional patient care at BUH.”


Details regarding the upcoming capital campaign for the new CT Scanner to replace the present one will be released shortly.  If you are interested in donating to the campaign please do not hesitate to contact BUH Foundation office at 306 446 6652.

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