Media Release

Bridges Chev $10,000 Non-Profit Challenge

October 31st 2012

Join Bridges Chev $10,000 Non-Profit Challenge on Facebook and help BUH Foundation win some money! 

Bridges Chev is putting up $10,000 for non-profit organizations in North Battleford & surrounding areas.  It's a team effort to vote on your favourite non-profit organization.  The more total votes collected overall the more of the $10,000, or all of it, is available.  The more votes an organization receives, the more of the funds they receive.

BUH Foundation invites you to join our team and vote for us TODAY!  A simple click and you can give to the Foundation, without spending a dime!  Go to, go to $10,000 Challenge, View Entries, and Vote on BUH Foundation.

We thank you for your support as you help to purchase new medical equipment and allow for further staff education.  We couldn't do it without you and every dollar does make a difference!

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