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Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation Receives Over $100,000 Bequest

March 2nd 2012

BUH Foundation was thrilled to announce receipt of a very generous bequest of over $100,000 from a well known resident of The Battlefords area and northern Saskatchewan, the late Mr. Victor Pearsall. 


Jerry Wintonyk, Chair of BUH Foundation’s Board of Directors stated that “Victor was a man recognized for his unique contributions to his community and province.  It is with pleasure and excitement that we acknowledge his benevolence with the introduction of a new initiative for the Foundation”


The funding is being directed through Battlefords Home Care to purchase capital and non-capital equipment for the provision of care to clients of the BUH-based service.


Wintonyk explained that the BUH Foundation’s mission has always been to solicit and disburse funds for the benefit of BUH, to be used for equipment, education and research and to advance the services and care provided to its patients.


“BUH Foundation was incorporated in 1992 and health care has certainly evolved since then,” said Wintonyk.  “We know, through our own family and friends, that many individuals who would have been hospitalized at BUH are now able to stay in their own homes because of and through the ministrations of Home Care.  BUH Foundation’s Board of Directors believes it is important to move with the direction both acute and long term health care is going and has recognized the need to direct funds to Battlefords Home Care for the purchase of capital and non-capital equipment as well staff education,” Wintonyk stated.


Battlefords and area Home Care Manager Colleen Toye along with Palliative Care Coordinator Scott Parker are very pleased with the announcement.  Toye said “We are delighted that BUH Foundation will be directing funding to Battlefords and area Home Care. So many individuals had been assisted through Home Care for many years and we believe that Victor’s legacy to this type of care will be very much appreciated by The Battlefords and surrounding community.”


Toye added, “We currently have over 140 home support clients, 200 clients attending wellness clinics, 175 nursing clients and 30 palliative care clients in Battlefords Home Care area alone.  The opportunity for Home Care staff to access funding for education as well as being able to request specific medical equipment to enrich patient care is an absolute bonus to us.” 


Parker commented that BUH has a number of palliative care clients who would like to spend their remaining days at home.  “It is important to us to honour those wishes however, without the proper medical equipment we have been unable to facilitate their requests.  Mr Pearsall’s bequest, through the stewardship of the Foundation, means that we now will be able to be more flexible in this regard.”


Harvey Walker, long time fried of Victor Pearsall, was absolutely delighted upon hearing of BUH Foundation’s plans for these funds.  “I know Victor would have heartily approved of this, especially with his commitment to his community and to people in general” stated Walker.


Victor Pearsall was born in Luseland SK on March 31, 1915 and spent most of his lifetime as an entrepreneur in rural and northern Saskatchewan.  He was recognized as the oldest person to hold a valid pilot’s licence at the age of 93.  He also had the distinction of holding a private Canadian’s pilot’s licence for 76 years – the longest in Canadian history.  Victor had received the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, Canadian Owner’s and Pilots’ Association Award of Merit, the Luseland Pioneer of the Year award, and The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. He also was recognized by the Western Canada Aviation Museum Hall of Fame and the Saskatchewan Aviation Hall of Fame, and inducted to the North Battleford Frontier Mall’s Wall of Fame.   Victor passed away at Edam, September 25, 2011 at 96 years of age.   


Cheque Presentation: (l-r) Representing Victor Pearsall's Estate, Harvey Walker, long time friend of Victor Pearsall; Jerry Wintonyk, BUHF Chairperson; Colleen Toye, Home Care Manager; David Fan, CEO Praire North Health Region 

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