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Five New Crash Carts for BUH

September 14th 2011

North Battleford, SK – Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) Foundation is pleased to be a part of the purchase of five new crash carts for BUH.  The crash carts will be available to the Emergency Room (ER), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Operating Room (OR), 3rd Floor Medical, and 2nd Floor, including Women’s Health & Birthing Centre and Surgery.  The support of these purchases has been made possible through the generous contributions of the community, including Battlefords Wildlife Federation, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #9, and the employees of Prairie North Health Region (PNHR).  BUH Foundation extends their grateful appreciation for this support and for helping to enrich patient care at BUH.


“The mandate of BUH Foundation is to enrich patient care and we are pleased to be able to do so through the purchase of the new crash carts.  It was our goal to be able to assist with making these purchases a reality and we are so very grateful to each organization and individual who provided their support to help make this happen,” shares Claudette McGuire, BUH Foundation Executive Director.


Battlefords Wildlife Federation (BWF), a branch of the largest wildlife conservation organization in the world, per capita, funded the purchase of the cart for 2nd Floor.  BWF’s mission is to ensure the wildlife legacy they leave to their children surpasses that which they inherited.  They have many dedicated volunteers working towards this mandate and helping to run a variety of programs within The Battlefords.  In recognition of the support they receive from the community, BWF chose to give back to their community by giving to BUH Foundation.  This generous contribution reflects their dedication and community spirit within The Battlefords.


Royal Canadian Legion Branch #9 provided partial funding for the crash cart in OR.  As a part of one of the largest community service organizations in Canada, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #9 fulfills their mission to serve veterans, to promote remembrance and to serve their communities and their country with their ongoing contributions to veterans and their families, seniors, youth, and the community as a whole.  As a past supporter of BUH Foundation, their contributions have helped to make a difference and will continue to do so through the support of this recent purchase.


Prairie North Health Region employees have shown their support as payroll deductions from this year will fund the purchase of the crash cart on 3rd Floor Medical.  The payroll deductions program has been in place since 2002 and this year’s contributions showed an increase as employees give back for the new cart. 


Crash carts are used in emergency situations to transport and dispense emergency medication and equipment for life support protocols to save someone’s life.  They are supplied with the necessary tools and drugs required to treat someone in or near cardiac or respiratory arrest.  The new carts at BUH will ensure that each cart is stocked with the various emergency equipment and medical supplies needed and will help to create uniformity within departments so that no matter where the emergency occurs staff will be trained and ready to assist.


BUH Foundation is thankful for the support from each of the organizations and individuals who made these purchases possible and is pleased to be a recipient of their generosity and a part of their community efforts.  Funds to cover the remaining costs of the crash carts were available due to the ongoing support BUH Foundation receives from The Battlefords and surrounding community. 


If you would like further information on how you can be a part of enriching patient care within BUH please call 306-446-6652.




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